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I want to thank you again for helping show our writers such a good time during their stay in Southern Delaware. I thought you would be interested in hearing a few of their comments, specifically to the survey question I asked them – “What was your favorite stop on the Haunted FAM Tour and why?”
I can’t tell you who said what because I set it up for them to be able to comment anonymously, but the group had some good things to say. You can see it was a group favorite. Here are a few of the comments…

Favorite stop on the Haunted tour is a tie between Cape May-Lewes Ferry with DHH and Screams at the Beach. These were both active stops where we got a chance to do and “see” something that was a bit haunted. 

Actually, the first stop with DHH because that’s the time we actually had some unexplained experiences. I have a couple of strange photos I took during the time that the cell phones went crazy. 


Best stop was the Lewes Ferry with DHH where the paranormal team let us do “hands-on investigation” ourselves.

I loved the ferry tour with DHH  & “ghost guests”, surprise flash mob, the B & B tour and Brick Hotel. Funland behind the scenes was a great idea, too.

Ferry to see how the paranormal folks work it.  

James Diehl
Media Relations Manager
Southern Delaware Tourism

Last nights ghost hunt was a complete success. Thank you, thank you, thank you Delmarva Historic Haunts w our lead investigator Jeff, you are awesome. We experienced so many different paranormal activities. I hope I can speak for the whole group, it was amazing and we’re doing this again.  If you missed out this time I recommend next time you make time to go, its well worth it. Thank you again Delmarva Historic Haunts.

Craig Williams
Thanks for the great experience last night at the Colonial Plantation! You are a great team!
Kathleen  Martin
I want to take a moment and thank the Delmarva Historic Haunts team! Your professionalism, knowledge, kindness, passion for what you are doing and respect for all was heartfelt! It was a pleasure meeting all of you and having you in my home! I wish you the very best in 2014 and all of your endeavors! Thank you for a truly wonderful experience! I wish I was in a position to join your team you were inspiring! Much success to you!
Teresa Ziegler Townsend