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Help Support DHH!

In 2011, Delmarva Historic Haunts first invited the public to join our paranormal investigations.  Each location we visited was carefully documented through the use of a DVR system, night vision camera, and a variety of paranormal equipment.  Over the past seven years we have remained dedicated to our mission of keeping history alive and preserving it for future generations.

Our team is comprised of volunteers who share a passion for the paranormal.  We have spent each year since 2011 organzing events with various historical societies to raise over $55,000 in funds.  The proceeds for all of these events go directly to the location; we charge nothing for our services.  This drive to perserve history leaves the team to cover all associated costs ourselves, including equipment upgrades.

In order to continue to share our experiences with you we need your help.  Our DVR system is a critical piece of equipment that allows us to view our location in its entirety.  The system we currently use was state of the art eight years ago and it is time to upgrade.  Another key component of our investigation is a night vision video camera.  Our current camera, due to age, is only partially functional and needs to be replaced.

Our team spends the winter and spring conducting filmed investigations.  All of these are the videos we share with you on our YouTube channel, DHH2011.  We have several investigations coming up in the next month, and this equipment is essential for a quality recording experience.


Thank you very much
– DHH Team